Erba Verde Group

Erba Verde Group

Simple Mission

The Erba Verde Group (EVG) is a company with the vision and leadership to be the future of legal cannabis. EVG is focused on early-stage investments, distribution, ancillary businesses and digital solutions in the emerging cannabis market.

Vertically Integrated Cannabis Platform

EVG is comprised of a network of industry leaders and experienced operators and staff who ensure our products are the best they can be from cultivation to production and into the market place.

EVG has built a farm network from proven farmers in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, and Oregon and is constantly expanding.

Our production network is equipped with the latest in extraction technology. Our equipment extracts all Cannabinoids, giving EVG the flexibility to produce any product the market wants.

EVG has partnered with the industry's top distribution companies which include marketing and creative specialists, dispensaries and logistics services.

Management Team

EVG is a collective of business experts, farmers, cultivators, extraction specialists, researchers, marketers, operations managers and sales experts.

Deep network of multi-generational farmers

50 + team years working in high-risk markets

50+ team years of Cannabis Cultivation

Proven Digital Marketing, Sales and Farm Management

Erba Verde Group